Hi, I'm Alex

Senior Engineer @ Zillow GroupDevRel @ FilamentCorgi Fanatic.
A photo of Alex lifting up his corgi, Leia

About me

My name is Alex–it's great to meet you! I'm a web developer specializing in building custom experiences with the Laravel ecosystem, Vue.js, and Svelte.

Along with building applications for my day-job, I am the Head of Developer Relations for Filament, a collection of full-stack Laravel components to help you accelerate the development of your next application! I spend my time creating content for Filament and spotlighting the awesome members of our community for all of the amazing things they've built with the Filament platform!

Outside of writing software, I'm a passionate advocate for intentional, hands-on mentorship and building effective apprenticeship programs to bring more folks into this incredible software community.

Where I work

Zillow logo

Zillow Group is the team behind the Zillow app, which has quickly blossomed into a household name. Zillow originally saw an opportunity to empower people with knowledge and information to help make it easier for them to move and find a home. Now Zillow's mission is simple: to help more people get home.

Within the Zillow Group team, I work specifically with the Aryeo team. Aryeo exists to help real estate media specialists grow their business by providing an all-in-one platform to start and manage every aspect of a media organization. Aryeo continues this work now as part of the larger Zillow Group to assist in Zillow Group's mission to help more people get home.

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